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How far will you go?

The year is 2049.

The population of Earth enjoy idyllic lifestyles within the Dome Cities where the Dictators provide for everyone and virtual reality makes all dreams come true.

There is just one catch.
Life ends at 21.

The voluntary sacrificial ceremony of Last Day is where the dream ends.

Most will volunteer for Last Day… but a few will run.

They run on last day to escape the Dome, to find reality once more and find a future sanctuary in the real world where they can grow old naturally.

They are the FUTURE RUNNERS…

…and they run to ESCAPE!

Download FUTURE RUNNER ESCAPE on the App Store

 A casual mobile retro game experience to test your stamina, skill and will-power.

Inspired by classic 1980’s sci-fi movies including Blade Runner, Logan’s Run and The Running Man!

• Simple two finger controls – Tap for each footstep! Can you escape the Dome?
• 30 zones – Over 4km of colourful retro-future sci-fi scenery!
• Test your endurance – No pausing or stopping! How far will you go to find Sanctuary?
• Over 40 minutes of CONTINUOUS gameplay! See if you can run for just one minute!
• No in-app purchases! Zero. None.
• No annoying in-game advertising! How nice is that.
• Harder than you think! Can you get out of the first zone?!
• How far will you go? Can you run further than your friends?!
• Super epic synthwave soundtrack loop by Paradise Walk.


Download FUTURE RUNNER ESCAPE on the App Store


Developed by: HAND
Category: Games
Size: 66.6 MB
Rated: 4+
System: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Languages: English

Twitter: @runner2049

Instagram: @runner2049



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